Artku-fully Yours YES

Artku-fully Yours YES

It all starts with saying YES. 

Choosing a risk, answering an invitation, expanding it, risking some more, trying new things, seeing what fits, what doesn't, making choices, having curiosity. We learn about ourselves in the process, too. Are we good friends, patient, companionate, compassionate, present? Do we recognize ourselves and are we in our best form with each other, for each other?

We are so happy to invite you to YES and to keep learning each other, sharing ourselves with you through online content, classes and retreats, and hope you say YES to the more that you are, the more that will come in unexpected ways from the YES that what we do together may open for you, in you, around you.

We said YES once, and again, and again, and were surprised to find each other along with everything else along the way. 

Birdi Sinclair and Beth Blakesley

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