Join us for our weekly course, 72 Seasons of Mindful Play. It doesn't matter when in the year you begin. It starts now, this now, that you are in, and will continue. And when the year returns to now, it will be lovely to begin again. You will find, you are also in the 72 seasons new again. This is becoming part of the cycles of nature that we are in. It infuses our very ways of thinking, walking, being, inter-being. We are among. We are. We simply are. 

Our early sign up bonus is a full year Timeless Planner with haiku, thought prompts, and places to simplify, reflect creatively and concretely, to be connected with your experience with nature, curiosity, cycles, yes... It is evergreen. It can be printed and digital, with or without the course. 101 pages. xox!